About My Practice

Attorney Stephen Teller has been an employment lawyer for more than twenty years.  His practice is focused primarily on representing employees in sexual harassment, discrimination, and wrongful work practices matters (including wrongful termination).  He also represents whistleblowers in protecting their rights against retaliation, individuals exposing fraud against the United States government in False Claims Act and Qui Tam actions, and clients injured in car and other accidents.

Steve has won a number of significant harassment, whistleblower, and discrimination lawsuits at trial, and achieved numerous favorable settlement agreements on behalf of clients, against nationwide and global companies including Microsoft, Alcatel-Lucent, BP, and T-Mobile. In addition to representing clients, Steve also serves as a mediator and an arbitrator in both employment and non-employment matters. Steve has been named a Super Lawyer by Super Lawyers Magazine for the past six years.

How I Help

My purpose is to help people and stop the abuse of power.

Big companies and organizations often act as if they are above the law.  They permit (and sometimes promote) discrimination, harassment, and unlawful wage and work practices.  They engage in wrongful termination. In some cases, they break the law, defraud the government, and punish or retaliate against those who blow the whistle on their conduct.

They believe that employees are powerless against their size.  They are wrong.

As attorneys, we have the ability to hold companies accountable on behalf of our clients when they break the law.  We help those who have hurt by these wrongful, and often illegal, work practices. Our role is to seek a fair resolution for our clients, which may consist of stopping continuing illegal practices, full and fair compensation, job reinstatement, or other corrective action.

Our clients typically include managers, skilled workers, senior executives, professionals, and classes of workers who have been harmed by wrongful discrimination or unlawful employment practices.  We have sued, and won, against some of the largest companies in Seattle.

When harm has occurred, we work with clients to identify the best solution for them, which may or may not include litigation.  Then, we work tenaciously on their behalf in attempting to achieve their goals.  If litigation is to be pursued,  our focus is on achieving a full and complete win for our clients.

Bar Admissions and Professional Affiliations

  • Washington State Bar Association
  • Washington State Association for Justice (WSAJ)
    • Eagle and Employment Law Section Member
  • Washington Employment Lawyers Association (WELA)
    • Past Treasurer
    • Past Vice-Chair
    • Past Chair


  • J.D. and M.A. in Psychology, University of Washington, Joint Degree Program in Law and Psychology
  • B.A. in Psychology, Reed College, Commendation for Academic Excellence

Publications and Recognition

  • Co-author book chapter on Eyewitness Testimony Research
  • Master's Thesis on Lawyers' predictions of case outcomes
  • Contributor to WSAJ Trial News
  • Contributor to the recently-published WSAJ Employment Law Deskbook (Forms Chapter)
  • Appeared occasionally on local television, including here.


I love what we do.  We help people out of hard situations, and we improve the quality of justice in the world.  I think that's worth spending my time on.  I am always grateful for the courage of my clients.  Without them we cannot protect others.

I like to think I grow wiser as I age.  My choices, both for my clients and myself become more thoughtful, or the right choice becomes more obvious.  I frequently try to think a few moves ahead, and experience adds to that ability, both in personal life and profesional.

I live in the Madrona/Leschi neighborhood of Seattle, near our offices.  Early to bed means I can get up for my 6 am yoga class.  I also love other forms of physical fitness, including downhill skiing, as well as travel.

Thoughtful (not impulsive) about my parenting means I have a good relationship with my kids, and my ex-wife.  At the same time, I notice living in the moment is more of a pleasure than when I was younger.  My intuition works better than before, and I can find joy, even on a tough day, in a good meal, or a pleasant moment with friendly people.