How Are Our Legal Fees Determined?

All clients deserve to know at the outset of a matter as to how their attorneys will be compensated.

In the process of accepting your case, we will provide you with a retention letter.  The retention letter provides the details of our representation, including the scope of the matter for which we are being retained, and how we will be compensated.  The retention letter also addresses other matters, including the responsibility for paying costs that may be incurred.

Our fees are typically determined based upon the nature of the representation undertaken.  In some cases, we are compensated based upon the amount of time spent and our hourly rates.  If this is the case, our hourly rates are set forth in the retention letter.

In other cases, our representation may be undertaken on what is known as a “contingency fee” basis.  A contingency fee basis means that we are only compensated for our time if we are successful in recovering compensation for you, which may be either through a settlement or at trial.

The contingency fee is usually calculated as the greater of 1) our hourly rates or 2) a percentage of the fee recovered.  In some cases, this percentage may be higher if a trial is required, as typically significantly more time is required when a case goes to trial than if compensation is obtained through a negotiated settlement.

There are some matters that we accept which are based upon other fee arrangements.

The foregoing is a summary of our fee practices, and are provided for informational purposes only. The fees and costs for your matter will be those set forth in your retention letter, and will be governed solely by such letter, and not by anything contained in this website.  We invite you to ask us any questions that you may have about fees, costs, or any other aspects of our representation at any time.