Discrimination, Wrongful Termination, & Personal Injury
Whistleblower, Fraud Reporting & Illegal Retaliation

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Discrimination, Illegal Work Practices, Wrongful Termination, & Personal Injury

We represent employees subjected to illegal workplace discrimination, wage & hour violations, and other unlawful work practices, and those who have been wrongfully terminated. We also represent clients in personal injury matters and serve as employment mediators and arbitrators.


Whistleblower, Fraud Reporting, Illegal Retaliation & Qui Tam

We also represent employees in “whistleblower” actions and those exposing fraud against the federal government in False Claims Act / Qui Tam actions. We additionally provide mediation and arbitration representation.


We Strive for Successful Outcomes

The outcome of employment litigation, whistleblower claims, and similar matters often depends upon creative problem-solving and skilled negotiation. We are mindful that clients typically want a fair resolution of their matter quickly, not prolonged litigation.

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