Meeting Your Seattle Employment Discrimination Lawyer: Four Ways to Prepare

The first time you meet with an experienced Seattle employment discrimination attorney, you may wonder how to proceed.  This may be your first meeting with an employment lawyer – or your first meeting with any lawyer, for that matter.

You and your lawyer can work together to address your discrimination case more effectively if you know what to expect.  None of the following are mandatory, but they all will help.  Here are four ways to prepare for your first visit:

1. Gather your documentation.

Put together a folder containing all the documentation you may have regarding your case.  Include items that may be used as evidence, such as letters or emails from your employer, any court documents you have, and other items.  Add documents from your lawyer as you receive them, and bring this folder with you to every visit.

Do not throw away anything relating to your work, even if it seems routine or unimportant.  You and your lawyer are likely to want to review it, or possibly may be required to give it to your opponent.

2. Write down your questions.

Write down the questions you have for your attorney.  Common questions asked at a first visit include what the attorney’s recommendations or advice are and what fees and costs will likely result from your case.  Bring your list of questions to the meeting.

3. Jog your memory.

Write down everything you can remember about the events surrounding your case.  Include the full names of those involved when possible, along with your best recollection of what they said, did, or failed to do.  Your attorney will probably have many questions about the situation, so writing down the details when you’re calm and in familiar surroundings can help jog your memory during your meeting with your lawyer.  Be sure to note:  “To my attorney” on top of any documents like this that you intend to be a communication to the lawyer – that way the attorney/client privilege is more obvious.

4. Follow your attorney’s advice.

After hearing more about your case, your attorney will probably have advice about what you should or should not do next.  Take notes on this advice, and follow it.

If you or someone you care about has been the victim of discrimination in the workplace, the Washington legal team at Teller & Associates is available to help.  Please feel free to contact them by phone or e-mail to set up an evaluation of your case.

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