Seattle Custody and Parenting Time Lawyers

Custody and parenting time matters can be some of the most difficult matters to resolve in a divorce.  At the outset, it’s important for parents to understand four facts:

  • There is a presumption in Washington that both parents are fit for custody and parenting time
  • Significant parenting time with each parent is deemed vital by the courts
  • Washington courts will not punish the spouse “responsible” for the divorce by limiting custody or parenting time
  • Custody and parenting time issues will be resolved – either by the parents or by the court

Resolution of Custody and Parenting Time Matters

You and your soon-to-be former spouse will know better than anyone else what custody and parenting time arrangements might work best for you and your children.  In our representation, we focus on seeking to achieve the desired outcomes of clients through negotiation and mediation, rather than through trial.

Why Fighting is Not a Good Approach

Your marriage may be over, but your role as parents is not.

Even with detailed custody and parenting time agreements, situations will almost always arise where you and your ex-spouse will want to be on good terms, so that unforeseen parenting issues can be discussed and addressed in a civil manner, with a focus on what is best for your children.  Additionally, you will be interacting with your former spouse in situations such as dropping your kids off at their house, and seeing your ex-spouse at school and athletic functions.

We are mindful that while our interaction with opposing counsel may be entirely professional and short-term, your interaction with your former spouse will likely be personal and ongoing.

Burning bridges through unnecessary fighting in the divorce process is not conducive to positive outcomes.  Leaving critical decisions up to a judge concerning your child’s welfare is not the best option.

Our focus therefore is on helping clients overcome often highly emotional issues so that they can focus on what is best for them and their children over the long-term.  Through creative problem-solving and fostering an atmosphere of resolution rather than discontent, we are highly focused on accomplishing client objectives through mutual agreement to the extent possible.  While we work diligently to develop out-of-court solutions, in the rare cases in which no acceptable alternatives exist, we will go to court and seek a full and complete win for our clients.

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