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Wrongful Termination.
Whistleblower & Fraud Reporting.
Personal Injury.

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Seattle Discrimination Lawyer, Whistleblower Attorney & Car Accident Law Firm

Discrimination, Illegal Work Practices, Wrongful Termination, & Personal Injury

I represent employees subjected to illegal workplace discrimination, wage & hour violations, and other unlawful work practices, and those who have been wrongfully terminated. I also represent clients in personal injury matters and serve as employment mediator and arbitrator in injury and employment lawsuits.

Whistleblower, Fraud Reporting, Illegal Retaliation & Qui Tam

    As a Seattle False Claims Act lawyer and whistleblowing attorney, I also represent employees in “whistleblower” actions and those exposing fraud against the federal government in False Claims Act / Qui Tam actions.  I am available to represent clients in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, and throughout the United States.

      Now Accepting Cases for COVID Fraud

      COVID fraud cases have become rampant, potentially involving billions of dollars. As a Seattle COVID fraud lawyer, I help whistleblowers reporting fraud against the U.S. Government.

      What Our Clients Say


      Representative Results

      Our firm is proud to have recovered millions of dollars for clients in wrongful termination, illegal workplace practice (including sexual harassment and racial discrimination) and whistleblower and government fraud cases.  We champion the underdog – often the person fighting back against large corporations and others engaged in wrongful work practices and government fraud.

      Many of our client victories have come from confidential settlements against employers that we are not permitted to disclose.  Other public representative client victory verdicts can be seen here

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