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In Washington and elsewhere in the U.S., all employers are expected to abide by the laws which protect employees from discriminatory and other abusive workplace practices. If a business or a government entity violates these laws, they may be held liable for their misconduct and consequently obligated to provide the victim with financial compensation.

No worker should ever have to endure ill treatment and discomfort when performing their job; on the contrary, every employee should be treated with respect no matter how prestigious the employer may be. At Teller & Associates, we are committed to preserving the rights of employees in Washington State. We provide dedicated and professional representation for our clients, even against corporate and governmental power.

Employees' Rights Should Never Be Compromised

All businesses are fundamentally driven by the profit-motive, and rightfully so, but, this does not mean they may compromise all other values for the sake of the bottom line. Smart employers place just as much importance on the well-being of the engine of their productivity, their workers. Unfortunately, many choose to cut costs any way they can, including infringing on employees' rights, in order to achieve higher earnings.

In terms of values such as religion, or sexual orientation, and race, employers are individuals with their own social beliefs and preferences, but the law does not allow them to exercise those beliefs and preferences against workers in the operation of their businesses. In other words, they are legally obligated to give all people equal opportunity and treatment in spite of gender, race, military status, marital status, age (over 40) and other "protected classifications." Yet, every year, there are numerous cases of workplace discrimination and sexual harassment.

An employer's authority does not grant him or her exemption from the law and the standards of human decency. In American democracy, power does not equate to absolute immunity. Every individual, whether a minimum-wage employee or a CEO of a global corporation, is expected to treat others equally and to receive equal treatment. This means an employee should not be denied pay for the hours he or she has worked, a woman should not have to endure sexual advances or comments from bosses or coworkers, a person of color should not be treated differently from his or her peers, and so on.

Representing the Disadvantaged against the Powerful

It is undeniable that society naturally favors the rich over those with less means and influence. However, wronged employees should not feel as if they are powerless. Everyone possesses fundamental rights as workers under certain statutes of both state and federal laws. They should exercise those rights not only to protect themselves, but also to keep businesses regulated so those very rights are preserved.

It is important that you consult with a lawyer early when you have a problem. Knowing the rules means you can protect yourself better, and know how to act when the employer breaks the law.

If you or a loved one have experienced bad workplace practices and are currently suffering financial or emotional losses as a result, please get in touch with the experienced Seattle employee rights attorneys at Teller & Associates for a free phone screening of your case. We will go over your rights and your options and discuss what the best course is for your case. Our number is (206) 324-8969.

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